Dr Syed Hussain


Syed graduated from RMIT University with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Osteopathy) and Bachelor of Health Sciences and have completed postgraduate training in functional

rehabilitation (Grays Institute – 3D Maps), Visceral Manipulation (Barral Institute),

Orofascial Mycology (Coulson Institute), Prokinetic sports insoles and Strain-

CounterStrain (Jones Institute).

Syed believes strongly that addressing the cause of the pain and maintaining a healthy life-style suited to individual needs is crucial to achieving optimum health. He makes use of different techniques that are suited to each patient individual condition based on

diagnosis. There are no set formulas.

Syed ultimate goal is to achieve health for his patients to the best of his abilities and to keep acquiring new skills that can help him achieve his goal.

Private consultation fees apply.

Linda Abdul Latiff


Linda graduated from University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy and her

experience over 15 years covers various clinical practices both local and overseas. She has specialised skills in Manual therapy, Pain Management, Women’s Health, Neuro-rehabilitation, Musculoskeletal, Post - surgical rehabilitation, Exercise prescription and

Geriatric management.

Linda is compassionate with her work and she believes in delivering evidence based practice and best quality services to all her patients.

Her special interests include women’s health and pain management.

Private consultation fees apply.

Care plan visits are bulk billed.


Belinda Dib


Belinda is a highly motivated Accredited Practising Dietician and a member of the

Dietician’s Association of Australia having completed a bachelor’s degree in Science from The University of Melbourne and a Master of Dietetics from Monash University. However, her studies have not stopped; Belinda undergoes continuous learning all year round to

stay on top of the continually evolving new evidence for her management plans. Belinda offers nutritional management covering a wide scope of conditions including yet not limited to, gastrointestinal disorders, diabetes, cholesterol management, weight

management, women’s health including PCOS, fertility, liver, thyroid and kidney

conditions. Belinda works closely with the team of health professionals at Barrymore

Medical Centre, providing a holistic care approach.

Being bilingual, Belinda can offer her expertise to both English and Arabic speaking individuals.

Outside of work, Belinda loves creating healthy recipes, reading on the latest nutrition science and spending time with family and friends.

Private consultation fees apply.

Care plan visits are bulk billed.