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Dr Asim Akram

General Practitioner

Owing to countless years of experience as a GP, Dr Akram is highly skilled in the art of patient dealing and always manages to make his patients feel at ease. He practices in multiple areas within General Practice and has special interests in Men's health, Family health, Women's and Children's health, and Paediatric Care.

Dr Ati Hanafiah

General Practitioner

Working as a considerate GP, Dr Hanafiah adopts a thoughtful and care-focused approach to develop trust with her patients. She is trained in multiple aspects of General Practice with special interests in Family Medicine, Women’s Health, Children’s Health, Pap Smears, Family Planning, and Pregnancy Care. Dr Hanafiah implements her extensive knowledge and expertise that she has gained throughout the years in her practice as a doctor.

Dr Evgeny Afanasyev

General Practitioner

Holding broad experience as a GP for many years, Dr Afanasyev practices medicine with solid commitment and dedication towards his patients. He serves in a wide variety of general practice areas, having particular interests in Family Health, Child Health, Women’s health, and Men’s Health, Diabetic Care, and Podiatry. His caring demeanor as a Greenvale doctor makes him an inviting presence to the entirety of his patients.


Dr Muhammad Usman

General Practitioner

Dr Usman’s dedicated efforts and hospitable nature make him a well-known GP. He likes to practice in several different aspects of General Practice and has special interests in family health, Children’s Health, Family Medicine, Men’s Health and Women’s Health. As a Greenvale doctor, he is also trained to offer services in Skin Checks and Cosmetic Procedures.

Dr Din Sidik

General Practitioner

In his journey as a GP, Dr Sidik has endeavored to understand the profound complexities of being a medical professional. He practices in multiple major aspects of General Practice, having particular interests in the areas General Health, Family Health, Children’s Health, and Men’s Health. As a doctor in Greenvale, he is fluent in the Malay language, helping him understand and communicate with patients from Malaysian roots.

Dr Erika Mustika

General Practitioner

As a GP, Dr Mustika's passion for her profession can be easily felt in her patients' persistent services. She enjoys practicing in various general practice areas, but her special interests include Paediatrics, Women's Health, Preventative Health, and Chronic Disease Management. As a doctor, guarantees to put all her effort behind her work treating her patients.
Erika enjoys gardening, cooking, and spending time with her three young children in her free time.


Dr Usman Ahmed

General Practitioner

Currently reputed as a proficient GP, Dr Ahmed's approach towards patient care makes his practice one-of-a-kind. He customises care depending on each case, enabling him to exceed expectations. His considerate methodology has earned him a loyal, long-term clientele.


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